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About Rajgopal Nidamboor

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Rajgopal Nidamboor PhD FCCP M-CAM is a Board-Certified wellness physician, Fellow of the College of Chest Physicians (FCCP), Member of the Center of Applied Medicine (M-CAM), writer-editor, commentator, critic, columnist, author, and publisher. His special interests include natural health and wellness, mind-body/integrative medicine, nutritional medicine, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality. His focus areas also encompass contemporary research and dissemination of dependable information for people concerned about their health. He feels that it is increasingly gratifying to see most individuals, including physicians, thinking outside the box – especially in areas such as natural health, where the body knows best to heal itself from the inside out. His published work includes hundreds of newspaper, magazine, Web articles, four books on natural health, two coffee-table books, a handful of E-books, a primer on therapeutics, and, most recently, Cricket Odyssey. Rajgopal Nidamboor lives in Navi Mumbai, India. He may be contacted via

Articles by Rajgopal Nidamboor

  1. The Essence of Amplified Action

    Listed in psychospiritual

    Human proclivity to grasp complicated characteristics into a combine of “we-contra-others” should, perforce, be resolved as erroneous in our macrocosm of shades and the perpetual. I...

  2. Of Refined Wisdom and Positive Change

    Listed in psychospiritual

    It is an oft-repeated cliché as also the timeless truth - that we represent our personality, with no facsimile or prototype. In other words, each of us is as unique as our signature...

  3. Multidimensional Realm of our Being

    Listed in psychospiritual

    There is nothing that our mind’s compass and radar cannot see, feel, perceive, or distinguish with its own molecules of thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

  4. Happiness is Feeling Light and Vibrant

    Listed in psychospiritual

    Happiness is everyone’s birthright - provided one embraces the element with alacrity and also glee. Happiness is not just something that connotes contentment or pleasure - it corres...

  5. Of True Success and Happiness

    Listed in psychospiritual

    We are in the grip of a new, inundating wave. Success. The idea is to pursue and realize the ‘achievement badge,’ pronto. The less the wait, the better it is at the al-tar of accomp...

  6. The Info-Realm of our Conscious Awareness

    Listed in psychospiritual

    It goes without saying that all of us inherit our to-follow goals, while giving certain priorities for our fondest preferences. Most of us visualize level-headed goals.

  7. Of Body, Brain and Placebo Effect

    Listed in psychospiritual

    While most theories on human nature were based on conscious experience, the cascading impact of new scientific thought has pigeonholed them as pre-scientific hearsay, or folk psycho...

  8. You are what your Emotions Are

    Listed in psychospiritual

    The explanation of unconscious facial expressions is representative of questioning idioms. That our facial expressions reflect our emotions was a stratagem first articulated by Char...

  9. Mind to Mend your Emotions

    Listed in psychospiritual

    Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung articulated that the most intense conflicts, if overcome, leave behind a sense of security and calm that is not easily disturbed. He also underlined th...

  10. Being in the Zone is Divine Frenzy

    Listed in psychospiritual

    We often think through two channels - creative and analytical - albeit some of us are endowed with the incredulous talent of “suspended” thinking. The creative element of our though...

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