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  1. A Common Dietary Problem: Inadequate Protein and Fats

    by Judith Price

    Judith Price, a nutritionist also trained in hypnotherapy, describes the nutritional and dietary treatment given to a lady suffering from depression, fatigue, hormonal imbalance an...

  2. A Good Beginning

    by June Butlin

    Michael is a lively, sensitive, impulsive, verbally adept thirteen-year-old of high intelligence with a wide general knowledge that would put many adults to shame. However, he is s...

  3. A Guide to Supplementation within Health and Complementary Medicine

    by Dr DF Smallbone

    In the best of all possible worlds, supplementation is not necessary. Unfortunately, we do not live in the best of all possible worlds. We live in a far from natural world and th...

  4. ADD or Iodine Deprivation?

    by Kate Neil

    Nutritionist Kate Neil relates the story of a 65-year-old woman who wished to improve her mental function, suspecting that she was suffering from attention deficit disorder (ADD).<...

  5. An Anti-Inflammatory Diet - The Antidote to Pain

    by Jesse Cannone

    We all suffer with inflammation to some degree, says the author of this article, but over time a build up of problems can cause it to flare up and cause pain. What we eat is ultima...

  6. An Holistic Nutritional Programme for Hepatitis

    by Dr Sandra Cabot

    Hepatitis is a general term used to describe inflammation of the liver. The article outlines the dietary techniques that can be used to strengthen the liver and help it to overcome...

  7. B Complex - The Answer To Good Mental Health?

    by Penny Crowther

    According to the World Health Organisation, 350 million people suffer from depression and it is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Being depressed in addition to having a p...

  8. Blueprint to Healthy Eating, Fuelling and Exercising

    by Dr Robert Verkerk

    Eating a healthy and balanced diet is key to improving the quality of your life, especially when coupled with regular physical activity and due attention to your emotional health, r...

  9. Bone Building Nutrition - Calcium Not the Only Key

    by Mark James Tallon

    Bones are truly amazing structures that mend and rebuild themselves by the actions of two cells types – osteoblasts that form bone and osteoclasts that resorb (destroy) bone. This ...

  10. Boron: Major Cause and Cure for Arthritis

    by Rex E Newnham

    Forty years ago, Dr Rex Newnham developed arthritis, and orthodox medicine did not help. His analysis of the differences between the fertility of clay soil and sandy soil (sandy so...

  11. Brain Health

    by Ann Crowther

    This column focuses on brain nutrient deficiencies and what steps we can take to achieve and maintain optimum brain health.

  12. Breakfast

    by Wilma Kirsten

    This article starts off describing the standard breakfast of cereal and milk, most often, these days, packaged, highly processed cereals, often sugar coated. This high-carb, high s...

  13. Breakfast - The Best Way to Start the Day

    by Dr Lindsey Masson

    The word ‘breakfast’ originated from the 15th century to describe the first meal of the day, eaten in the morning, and which will break the fast of the previous night.[1] Whilst bre...

  14. Build Up Your Defences For Winter

    by Penny Crowther

    The Germ is Nothing, the Terrain is everything. The famous nineteenth century bacteriologist, Louis Pasteur uttered the previous sentence towards the end of his days. Having spent ...

  15. Calories, the Good and the Bad

    by Wilma Kirsten

    When it comes to dieting most people focus on calorie restriction. The understanding is that to successfully lose unwanted weight, one must ensure that more calories are burnt than ...

  16. Carob is a Fantastic Chocolate Substitute

    by Anastacia Sampson

    Carob, a very old food, and a member of the pulse family, is very similar in taste and consistency to chocolate. The article cites nutritional studies concerning it: a lower GI tha...

  17. Cave Men Didn't Eat Cornflakes

    by Diana Earnshaw

    We are still genetically programmed for the hunter-gatherer diet. What was good for us thousands of years ago is still good for us now. Taste buds were the only guide to the foods ...

  18. Diet Controversies

    by Udo Erasmus

    Let us take a short walk through different diets that traditionally sustained human populations on different parts of the globe. We will show the involvement of fat and oils in t...

  19. Diet During Renal Failure and after Kidney Transplant

    by Dr Mohan Krishnarao Kale

    In patients with chronic kidney disease or/on dialysis, the purpose of this diet is to maintain a balance of electrolytes, minerals, and fluid in patients.

  20. Dieting - A Recipe for Failure

    by Peter Cohen

    Dieting, like conventional medicine, works on the expectation of failure. Conventional medicine is designed to deal with ill health and it factors in a high drop out or death rate....

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